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How to see stats of previous play throughs??


This is amazing

This is the best game I have played in a long time. I highly suggest it

Great Game

it’s great it’s awesome it’s amazing it’s epic I love it because your LIVING as a dragon not just being a person owning like 100 dragons battling No It’s Life As A Dragon all I would recommend to make it even better is adding little video clips of what you do it would be great but other than that it’s amazing gg can’t wait for future updates I recommend this to all of you reading this

Overall pretty good

The game is pretty solid, allowing you to choose your general appearance, what actions to take against various threats, and even whether or not to seek a companion. I do have one major gripe, that being that the game feels very short. I understand that choose your own adventure games are difficult to write, especially lengthy ones. Even so I do wish it was longer. Other than that it's a good game if you have a little time to kill or want to explore how you would react to the events.

Fun game

Fun game

Fun time killer

Fun time killer

Fun game

Fun game

I love this game

I love this game

Love it

Love it



Please read this (Don't get hacked)

Ok, first, I am NOT blaming this on the game dev(s). Ok? Cool. So there are sketchy ads, like, Get a free amazon reward for a brand new system for being a loyal amazon user! (I don't use Amazon) there's also a pop up that promises me a free phone. Do NOT fall for these scams. Ok? Thank you. Again, the developer(s) did not choose these ads, they're chosen by Google. Enough with this malware crap, I'm gonna write a review! This game is amazing! Ignore the people who say the game is short, you can get hours of fun out of this. I've uncovered two endings within an hour of downloading. They don't force you to watch the ads which a lot of games do. It seems stupid at the beginning, but it gets amazing very quickly. Hint: I recommend choosing the option that says "All these names are stupid!" Thanks for reading this all the way through, I'm gonna stop rambling on and on now.


I thoroughly enjoyed this deliciously crafted story from start to one of many finishes. I felt fully immersed in the world it described, something I rarely feel with any book. The rather diverse options and their outcomes coaxed some good laughs out of me. This was more than well worth my time, and I'm certain I couldn't have spent it better!

Great for at least 1 play through

If you ever wanted a small taste of creating a D&D dragon character without all the drama this is sort of what it feels like.


It was a great game, no denying that. Although there were several problems I found that really made me dislike the game. First of all it is a very short game, I played it 4 times and only got about 30 minuets of play time out of it. Another was that for FIVE DOLLARS you could cancel adds. Honestly if you are going to play this game buy it because the adds are ridiculous, I couldn’t get through a single chapter without getting 10+ adds, and the chapters aren’t all that long. A third thing I disliked very much was that the ending was very dissatisfying, in all my play throughs, it basically said “hey, you know all that you just did? Well it affects nothing and you are going to take a nap for a few decades. This is just another annoying little tid-bit, you had to wait 20 minuets to restart the game (unless you pay them of course). It is obvious to say that I was very disappointed with this game, and wouldn’t recommend it to any body.

Love this app

I love the story, it really give you so manny way to play it. I can't wait to see the story expand upon.

Too short.

Fun interesting not worth $4.99 play it for free

This is the best one I’ve played yet.

This story was the first one I found and after playing some of the other ones,they haven’t interested me as much as this one has.Every choice you make has meaning and isn’t there as an illusion.I really hope we can have a sequel or a new adventure made by the ones who made this.Keep up the good work.

Loved it!!

For anyone who enjoyed reading “choose your adventure” books or for anyone that loves building their story! Well built and written, smart and funny!!

Would Recommend

Great game with a lot of replay ability. An Interesting and thought out story will keep you entertained for a good hour or longer per play through. Not Getting the upgrade definitely doesn't make the game unbearable ( no where near it, it's a great game no matter what) but is nice to have and I would recommend getting it if you really love the game


I loved it! But one question,why do we have to die.and why do we have to wait to play again?


You should make more of I have ideas. You can do a cat one or any other animal.

Amazing, entertaining, creative!

I love this!! Honestly, I didn't really know what I was getting into at first, but once I started reading I loved it! I wish there were more apps as well written and entertaining as this one. Totally deserves five stars! Though I would like to not, you know, be an evil dragon. Maybe a wise, kind one who positively represents the dragon species... But still a great game!!


Very fun. Only thing I want is a sequel, where you emerge from your cave 10-50 years later, and start off with 10,000 gold left. Also please make the sequel longer if you ever make one, I finished this game quickly. Went back and saw what the other choices did, and in the end I ended up with more gold then my previous try.

Hate to say i thot this was trash but no

I love it I never seen a game like this but it was short sadly but it so good to be true I thot it was going to be trash or wast of time but anyways plz make it bigger


I really love this game but I just wish there was more replay value

fun but not fulfilling

it was a fun game and all but it was to short and the opening where it says "Are you sexist?" which broke the immersion by the way and the opening starts as your kidnaping a princess even though there is no option of avoiding this i was hoping to be a kind wise dragon who people did not fear but in fact looked to for guidance and knowledge but unfortunately no matter how hard you try you are still a total douche


I love it now all you need is pictures and it will be the best dragon game I have ever played

Great game,🅰️1️⃣

Very sophisticated game. There aren't many games like this one!


I wasn't expecting nearly anything out of this, but here I am, LOVING IT. I kid you not, when this app has almost exclusively five star reviews, it has them for a reason. I don't care who you are or what you do, you should play this game. It only takes about an hour if you read slowly. The only thing missing is A SEQUEL! (I should note I got this today and am already addicted.)

3 years and going

Had this for over 3 years and still love it, glad to see they're still making more


My very first CoG ever and I have to say I've not really been disappointed yet. I remember being a socially awkward 14 year old at my older cousins wedding and playing this game all the way through to calm myself. I adore this game and the fact it lets me live my fantasy of being a dragon. If you have the same fantasy I promise you it won't disappoint

Fantastic text based game

Lots of fun, plenty of replay value, and a concept that is actually done quite nicely. Only complaint is that it wasn't longer. Personally I would love for the game to be extended. If not, I'd gladly play any more similar future games from the developer.

A reading game ever!!

I'm not one of those kids who like to read all that much.. And when I saw this I didn't think too much about it. I just thought that if I liked it, I'll keep it. And if I didn't I'll just delete it. Well when I started playing it, it AMAZED me that someone made reading actually very fun!? I truly believe if you hate reading, or if you even like it, get it! It engages you into the story. YOUR choices IMPACT the story! It's very well put out, and very entertaining.. Get it, it's definitely worth your time! :D. <Edit> One year later and here I am, still playing this amazing game. I still hate reading, but that doesn't change anything with this game! Anyways, developers, please make a sequel of this game. I NEED a sequel. Its the best game on the App Store, but it doesn't have a sequel! Without a doubt though, this game definitely deserves 5 stars, I can't express how amazing it is! Thanks for using your time to make this amazing game <3. I love you guys! Keep making more!


Only been playing for a few hours but I love it even if you have little adds( they don't bother you in ur gameplay) PLAY IT



The best app I have ever played

7 words I am left speechless from this game

Great experience

Loved the game since 4 years ago, deserves five stars


Fun lil game, great to pass the time when you're waiting for your wife in tj max


This game I have replayed countless times. It is the greatest app on the App Store, and I can't even describe how amazing it is. Just get this amazing game and find out. (P.S. this isn't one of those 'fake' reviews! This is real! I'm serious!)


This was really guud and all but I really want to have more original content and not the same over and over, although the first experience was AMAZING. I think a sequel would be amazing... So long-story short! SEQUEL


I only write reviews for apps that are awesome. This is the single best interactive story app available on the App Store.


I'm just completely blown away. I have no idea what to say. No other app in this App Store has ever made me feel the way I'm feeling right now. The first time I downloaded this app, I thought it was just another one of those dragon personality quizzes; but no, it was way more! The interactive story line was the best take on this app and the emotion and excitement you feel as you read the story is what truly brought it out! I wish that there were more apps out there like this one. I can tell that the creator of this app has put a lot of effort into both functionality and creativity but what caught my eye was the creativity portion of it. The story was well thought out and even interesting, it also gets your mind going as use your wits and strategic abilities throughout the story but that's all I'm going to say about the story. I'm not going to spoil the story for you, you have to play this app to fully get what I mean. What a great app! I would highly recommend spreading the word of this app to my friends, family and even to the person who is reading this comment. Get this app, you will spend hours of gameplay trying to get different outcomes of the story! Again great job with this app! I hope to see more added to this app in the future!


I NEEEEEEED THE SEQUEL. Lol it was really cool UPDATED: How is there an update for this story to translate it, but THERE IS STILL NOT A SEQUEL OUT YET??

Funny and Entertaining, Good for replaying

I really like this game and have played it several times. I try to get the different attributes to their extremes and it hasn't gotten old. Really fun story

Really Fun

This app is a choose your own adventure story that allows people to live out a life as a dragon. It's very fun and exciting through it's extremely detailed and thought out stories, and I would recommend this to anybody who is an avid web adventure fan.

Extremmelly good

I recommend this game to everyone


Every time I play the game, or try to, it opens the App Store to whatever ad is at the bottom of the screen. Is this just me?

Awesome, but needs some work...

I loved this game from the start. It was so much fun deciding what I could do in a fantasy based world. After re-playing the game a couple times, I realized that a lot of your choices don't exactly have the 'big impact' I thought they did. I also wish that at the beginning, when you got to choose how you'd look, that the story would reference what you look like later on in the story. And that the story had more many different outcomes than it has currently. Other than that, the story is AMAZING, and I would totally recommend it if you have a bunch of free time on your hands!!! :)

I like it....

But it feels like the same story is played over all the time.

It used to be a good game… 😠

Your pop-up ads are stupid. They kick me out of the game and open the AppStore. I close the App Store and go back to the game and it repeats itself endlessly. I. Am. Peeved. Having ads scrolling at the bottom of the game I can understand, but don't kick me out of my game.

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