Choice of the Dragon App Reviews

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Cool Game

It was alright, I liked it a lot, it just felt so short. I asked myself if that was it when it ended, and I realized that in fact it was. I know it’s not so easy to make a lengthy “choose your own stuff” type of game, but it was short. Other than that, it was great.


I love this it’s so much fun. The thing I wish for this is more ways to link back to different paths, for an example the mate thing I clicked on one that led me to not wanting a mate anymore but I kinda still want one and have no way of returning or looping back to that path. Other thing is I never got dragon interaction the way I went so it would be cool to have more of those. I can’t think of much else I would change it’s honestly very brilliant. It would be nice, to me, to have a few graphics I’m a very visual person and love pictures, but hey just me. Thank you for the experience I wish there were more of these type of games. Have a great day.


This I the best app I have ever seen pls make one based off a wolf


I absolutely love this game, heck, I wanted to play it again after a few years of first trying it out. I love how the story plays out and how you can gain enemy’s and allies, but I actually have one complaint, believe it or not. I wish the game to be longer, so see what will happen after you awake and maybe possibly have children? I would love hat to be an option, and heck, maybe even play them after they grow old enough (from the care of your first dragon), but of course with all of the default hooves with little differences and have an option for viewing your family tree, to see who has deceased or not. See your age or something. But nonetheless, I absolutely love this and would forever recommend it!

My favorite game please update

I’ve been playing this game over and over for years and I’ve just redownloaded it and it’s still as amazing as ever! Please add more to the story I’m such a huge fan

Really good but lacking in some parts

I just got this and checked it out and I'm very happy with what I got out of it, besides the ads the only thing I'm complaining about is how hard it is to get a mate and once you fail you don't have another chance other than to start another story again. I don't know if it's just me but I've tried at least 4/5 times and have yet to get a mate successfully. Other than that this is a really good one and I would love to see a sequel of it.

Very fun!

I originally played it on my tablet, I had a lot of fun and it was the app I used the most for a very good amount of time. Recommended for anyone who likes dragons.

Good app

Its a pretty good app.... though i think that maybe people should get to choose what type of dragon they get to be in the game. Also, think it needs more choices added to it.


This was an amazing and fun story. Easy to play through over and over again.


The many sheer choice in this novel is astounding! I loved getting to build this fictional dragon’s kingdom! The stats system in this game really made every decision impactful and have weight! My only critique is the endings. While there are several endings, many of the stats don’t come into play near the ending and many of the endings started to blur together. Other than that, a very fun game made with love! I will 100% be playing the next game.

Loved it

This story is absolutely amazing! I loved the choices you can make! Definitely need to make a part 2 where the story continues! I would love to see you and your mate if Chosen have Babies and trying to protect your kingdom from whatever lies ahead!

Good story

This was a pretty good story and I enjoyed the choices in the game. I only wish it was longer and that there would be a sequel in the works. There’s a lot of potential behind this story and where it could go, especially along the lines of a lot of the more famous Choice Games that I’ve seen from the same company. I recommend it as a good read for others, but also highly plead for there to be a longer sequel out there in the works considering how good this one is.

Big fan

I’ve had this game for a while and I still like to come back and play through it. It’s a choose your own path adventure where you’re the dragon. Again YOU ARE THE DRAGON. Heroes beware and damsels be distressed as you cut a swath of land for yourself, and build your horde.


This is probably the best choice gave I’ve ever played!!! Please make more like this like with wolfs or other animals!!

A breath of fresh air

Where can I even start? Well for one, this app is extremely well made. Its very fun as well. The writing is phenomenal. If you love reading and or are just a nerd like me, then you’ll love this app.


I just want my dragon to awaken and raise his fledgling! To rule over his kingdom and take back the lands stolen from him! I WANT THE MIGHTY VRAKJURN TO RISE ONCE AGAIN!

Great game :)

I played this years ago when I was probably 12 and couldn’t find it again for the longest time. I’m 20 now and still love it. It’s text based but really cool and fun if you are okay with reading. Acts sort of like a “choose your own adventure” game. Anyways, hope y’all enjoy it like I do!

It’s just too sad.. Made me cry in real life

This game is too sad! My fate was horrible, and it’s just so sad I cried in real life! I love dragons, and to play as one and get bullied and wounded until the day I die from being experimented on is just horrible. It’s my own fault, but it’s JUST SO SAD! I couldn’t get a mate, everyone hated me, and it made me just start crying in real life. Deleted and cried into my pillow. Please read this, developers! It makes me not want to get any of your other games or EVER revisit this game again. Just so sad. I’m crying as I write this. ~Black-Feather-Wolf


This is the type of “game” that you end up being sad when it’s finally over because you want more. I got totally addicted to this game and I’m sure you will too, I really hope they add more to the story soon.

Jolly good game

I love it I never seen a game like this but it was short sadly but it great and there a lot more endings than I think I rely did not know lol

Good, but needs more to the story.

Personally I’ve always enjoyed the game, in fact I’ve played it several times. However I would enjoy it if there were more content added and the story expanded.

Fallout 3 with Dragons! (Updated)

UPDATE 5/15/18: I’d love to see this game on Nintendo Switch! Could you consider porting it there? Thank you! Old review: This is my second RPG, and it's the best I've played. It reminds me of Fallout 3 in it's gameplay, and the story is very interesting and I actually feel like I am a dragon. My only request is that once the main character gets a mate, they should start a "dragon family" to continue the "royal blood." This game is unique, simple, and will make reading fun. I hope to see a sequel, but it's probably best that this remains one story. Sequels normally ruin things (I'm not saying a sequel would ruin this game's name). I will definitely buy more from the Devs! This game is a must-have for Dragon lovers and must not be missed!


Before it was great, then you added in the timer BS. ADs I could handle, but a timer that makes me have to pay or wait, no.


The fact that this game has not been forgotten is great! It's engaging, funny, and awesome. It's all of that while not having any actual gameplay, which is impressive to say the least. Maybe you could update the story though. Like maybe have a continuation of when your dragon wakes up. Or maybe you could make the original great story bigger. Examples could be making more choices that the player could choose. Those could having a drawn out war, making a better goblin army with ogres and orcs, making a dragon with a different element like ice or lightning, or truly having a nice dragon with a good heart like saving people. I just had a funny idea that instead of forcing the queen to make you the ruler you somehow save her with CPR. Anyway that's just my idea. This game is great.

One tip, okay two

I really really love this game! I only wish is that you could have a mate then hatchling etc. Also maybe you could make a second game, a part two. Like I said I love this game. I really want another like this. Thanks!

It’s good to be a bad dragon!

I am just in love with this game! My math professor had it on his iPad, so I decided to give it a try. Several hours later, I feel like I’ve been transformed into my dragon character in the game and I can’t stop playing it! This is magical!


I’m just speechless at how much joy this app has given me... I’m feigning for more!!! Perspective: A Mid-Missourian-Melato-Ex-Gangster-Turn-2-time-Felon-Turn-Spirit-Science-Theorist seeking to colonize space, interest is Quantum physics and girls with big butts I can not lie!!! Lol. Just loved this, hoping for more soon!!!

Al wireless

This game is good and fun, but it is too short. It only has 30 minutes story.


It’s boring. Don’t pay to remove the ads as you will be bored after a day on this game. The storyline is good, but it’s so short that you wiz through it very quickly. I played it twice and even though I purposefully chose different choices, the path remained the same. The concept is cool, and I will look for other games, but this is more of a demo than anything.


A game takes about 30 minutes and I enjoy every moment of it! To Creators/Admin: I know there probably comes a point in making these games that it’s impossible to expand all the different paths you could possibly take, but I would totally appreciate that :P To everyone else with 30 minutes to spare: You won’t regret downloading it! Be sure to give this company your support too. I love that they release these games for free with a fee to block ads. It’s totally worth it too.

One of the best “Choice of...” games

Having played many of these games, I have to say that this one is incredible in its scope, flexibility, and world building. Easily a crown jewel in this genre, and I heartily recommend it! Excellent work.



So much fun!

I totally totally love it...but one thing can you add more choices? If you did that would be great! Thanks for reading dis

Fun but Short

Fun, witty, and occasionally frustrating; this little text adventures only downside is it’s brevity. Then again it was free so, win.

Please expand!

The only thing bad, is that you can finish it in less then one hour.

How to see stats of previous play throughs??


This is amazing

This is the best game I have played in a long time. I highly suggest it

Great Game

it’s great it’s awesome it’s amazing it’s epic I love it because your LIVING as a dragon not just being a person owning like 100 dragons battling No It’s Life As A Dragon all I would recommend to make it even better is adding little video clips of what you do it would be great but other than that it’s amazing gg can’t wait for future updates I recommend this to all of you reading this

Overall pretty good

The game is pretty solid, allowing you to choose your general appearance, what actions to take against various threats, and even whether or not to seek a companion. I do have one major gripe, that being that the game feels very short. I understand that choose your own adventure games are difficult to write, especially lengthy ones. Even so I do wish it was longer. Other than that it's a good game if you have a little time to kill or want to explore how you would react to the events.

Fun game

Fun game

Fun time killer

Fun time killer

Fun game

Fun game

I love this game

I love this game

Love it

Love it



Please read this (Don't get hacked)

Ok, first, I am NOT blaming this on the game dev(s). Ok? Cool. So there are sketchy ads, like, Get a free amazon reward for a brand new system for being a loyal amazon user! (I don't use Amazon) there's also a pop up that promises me a free phone. Do NOT fall for these scams. Ok? Thank you. Again, the developer(s) did not choose these ads, they're chosen by Google. Enough with this malware crap, I'm gonna write a review! This game is amazing! Ignore the people who say the game is short, you can get hours of fun out of this. I've uncovered two endings within an hour of downloading. They don't force you to watch the ads which a lot of games do. It seems stupid at the beginning, but it gets amazing very quickly. Hint: I recommend choosing the option that says "All these names are stupid!" Thanks for reading this all the way through, I'm gonna stop rambling on and on now.


I thoroughly enjoyed this deliciously crafted story from start to one of many finishes. I felt fully immersed in the world it described, something I rarely feel with any book. The rather diverse options and their outcomes coaxed some good laughs out of me. This was more than well worth my time, and I'm certain I couldn't have spent it better!

Great for at least 1 play through

If you ever wanted a small taste of creating a D&D dragon character without all the drama this is sort of what it feels like.


It was a great game, no denying that. Although there were several problems I found that really made me dislike the game. First of all it is a very short game, I played it 4 times and only got about 30 minuets of play time out of it. Another was that for FIVE DOLLARS you could cancel adds. Honestly if you are going to play this game buy it because the adds are ridiculous, I couldn’t get through a single chapter without getting 10+ adds, and the chapters aren’t all that long. A third thing I disliked very much was that the ending was very dissatisfying, in all my play throughs, it basically said “hey, you know all that you just did? Well it affects nothing and you are going to take a nap for a few decades. This is just another annoying little tid-bit, you had to wait 20 minuets to restart the game (unless you pay them of course). It is obvious to say that I was very disappointed with this game, and wouldn’t recommend it to any body.

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